Word for 2015 — THRIVE

I am finally braving the online blogging world! I’ve decided to create a space to share my artwork – this includes things I’m doing in DLP 2015 (the Documented Life Project, over on the Art to the 5th website), as well as various other classes and art experiments with my niece and nephew. I’ve been artistic my whole life, but most people are totally unaware of it because I suffer from perfectionitis! I rarely ever share what I create because I never feel it’s good enough. It got so bad that a few years back I lost all ability to draw — I couldn’t even create a circle and if I thought about trying it I’d start to feel sick. I’ve slow broken through that, dabbled a little here and there with a few classes, but then a big event occurred — I turned 45 — I am “middle-aged” GASP! I woke up on that fateful day, took a long hard look in the mirror and realized that if my heart was really in art than I needed to start living it out — I’ve spent half of my life being less than fulfilled.  I chose the word thrive for my 45th year- I will no longer just survive, or freak myself out with over striving, I will instead find that magic middle ground of growth, joy and fulfillment — the thriving zone. So here I am, a total newbie to blogging, asking you to share in my year of growth, art and imagination. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this incredible journey with me.


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