DLP 2015 Week 9

This week the challenge is to use at least 5 layers – and the prompt is give me a high five! For some reason my mind went to a beehive – so I just went with it! For layers I decided to choose 5 different art mediums – watercolor, acrylic matte paint, acrylic ink, sharpie style pens and colored pencils. This was quick and fun! The end result reminds me of the orange wall and gold sofa we had when I was little. Let’s not forget the shag carpet!

To start, I did a little inspiration research to get the juice flowing. Oh the 60’s!


Next I sketched in my lady in a purple micro sharpie.



Now for the fun – paint! I’m going to start with watercolor. I used my Koi travel set and added a little sparkle to her eyes with Twinkling H2O (the little blue pot).



She’s fine, but when I think 60s I think lots of color, especially orange! So. bring on the acrylic!



For the final touches I added gold Liquitex ink to the circles as well as some sharpie paint pens just to give them a little more pop. I also added a little more depth to the beehive with colored pencils. I added a shadow with the Scribe-ALL pencil and activated it with water. Finally I threw in some sharpie black dots for a touch more flavor. This beehive is done! And quite high I might add.

0305150738bTo join the fun and follow along with the prompts yourself, go to the Art to the 5th Academy website and click on the Documented Life Project.







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