DLP 2015 Week 11

Happy Thursday! This week’s DLP is about doodled borders and a throwback to an 80’s hit, Borderline. I decided to go with 80s neon and a nice little border frame. Of course I used gold ink again, I am addicted! I may go back and add a little museum style title sign at the bottom that says borderline, but for now I’m happy with the page. I hope you enjoy!




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DLP 2015 Week 10

I can’t believe it’s March – the time is flying! The Documented Life’s March theme is Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making). The prompt this week is Surviving the Elements. I thought of the weather — I can survive this winter knowing that spring is right around the corner – the signs are everywhere, just pointing toward spring! The time changed (we “sprung forward”), my daffodils have broken through the ground, and I have even heard birds singing! I haven’t locked eyes on a Robin Redbreast, but I have heard a lovely little boy cardinal singing his heart out. The next day I heard him again and when I peaked out I saw an adorable tiny female cardinal sitting in the tree – maybe he was trying to get her attention? Today I saw (and heard) a chickadee! They are so tiny and cute! I about froze to death with the window cracked, but it was worth it!

Sooooo,  on to the art and how I pulled all this together. Click on any of the photos for a larger image.

First, I drew out a sketch of my idea and marked it in with pen. I decided to go with the lovely little girl cardinal inside of a pocket watch, which is wrapped in symbols of winter turning into symbols of spring at the top.


I then added watercolor, trying to convey the darkness of winter into the lightness of spring. I also added Snow-Tex around the bottom with some iridescent medium for sparkle. The clock is done in Liquitex gold ink – I admit it, I’m addicted to the stuff!




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DLP 2015 Week 8

This week’s challenge involved repeating elements. I’ve always thought that I hate repetition, but really, that’s not true. I hate monotony. I think stationary bikes are cycles from hell. I swear time slows down when you stare at that little red clock — it just mocks you with the vast amount of time you have left until you can hop off and eat a doughnut. ANYWAY, repetition, on the other hand, can be lovely, meaningful, inspiring, enriching. Repeating something allows minute changes to happen. It can give you the opportunity to go back and right wrongs, renew friendships, see things with new eyes, and make wiser choices. So, back to art — I used this week’s challenge to try something new, as well as to repeat images within the art.

I started with a recycled foam tray – I’ve never used one as a printing plate and thought it would be fun. I free-handed a couple flowers (lose interpretation of repeating an image).

(Click on the images to display them larger)

DLP 2015 Week 8 step 1

I added some purple matte paint and slapped it down in my journal.

DLP 2015 Week 8 step 2

I added more matte paint around the flowers as well as some iridescence to the petals and some gold, which is becoming a repeating element in my art – I just love this Liquitex gold acrylic ink.

DLP 2015 Week 8 step 3

My final image has subtle repeating elements of lines and dots in twos and threes. I added depth to the flowers with 3 shades of Prismacolor colored pencils, some Scribe All water soluble black pencil scribbled around the flowers and the circles, and some sumi ink along the flower edges as well. I added touches of white and black sharpie as well.

DLP 2015 Week 8 Final

DLP 2015 Week 8 close up

DLP 2015 Week 8 right side of page

I hope you enjoyed my process – I had fun working on this week’s challenge! Please feel free to ask any questions/leave comments. See you next week!

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